Synaptic Insights brings you the latest data on fast-growing companies and trending sectors, helping you answer questions like:

  • Which are the fastest-growing NFT companies?

  • What are the actual performance signals of companies that recently got funded?

  • How are companies you're tracking faring in terms of objective user and employee reviews?

Find interesting alternative data insights before they are general knowledge — straight from our platform.

Who are we?

Synaptic helps investors and decision-makers get company insights from a wide spectrum of alternative data on a no-code platform. We unify data from proprietary and custom sources layered with a rich analytics toolkit, to make investment research more efficient—from sourcing and tracking to due diligence. We are trusted by top Venture Capital and Private Equity firms, Asset Managers, and Hedge Funds across the globe.

Alternative datasets on Synaptic include website traffic, app and product reviews, employee and hiring data, search trends, funding information, tech mentions, and many more.